Junhou Branch visits the hometown of great men to carry out patriotic love party education activities

Release date:2019-05-13

From March 30th to 31st, the branch committee of the Guangdong Junjun Law Firm organized 10 members of the party to go to Changsha City and Xiangtan City of Hunan Province, and visited the hometown of the great man Chairman Mao to carry out the study and education activities of patriotism, love and dedication. .

On Saturday, March 30, Changsha City was sunny and sunny, and our delegation first visited the “Millennium School”, located on the west bank of the Xiangjiang River, as one of the oldest institutions in the world, and its ancient traditional college buildings. It has been preserved to this day. Each group of courtyards, every stone monument and every brick and tile has shimmered with the human spirit of time-hardening. In June 1918, Mao Zedong, who had just graduated from Hunan First Normal School, had long lived in Here, the "seeking truth from facts" hangs in front of the lecture hall is designed to educate students to admire science and pursue truth, which has had an important impact on Mao Zedong's later revolutionary career.

After that, we visited the Orange Island in the heart of Xiangjiang River. Orange Island is immersed in Hunan culture and has formed a rich historical heritage. In the south, Zhu Xi and Zhang Wei went to the Yuelu Academy and the Chengnan Academy to teach Zhu Zhangdu, which interprets the grand occasion of the children of Huxiang eight hundred years ago; Shuilu Temple and Gongjilou tell the prosperity of the Yuan Dynasty religious culture; Zeng Guofan practiced the water Xiang The army’s whistle echoed over the Orange Island; the weather-beaten foreign consulates and high-class villas witnessed the history of Changsha’s opening. When Mao Zedong was a young man, when he was studying in Hunan's first normal school, he often went to the head of the island to fight against the water and talked about the state affairs. In 1925, he waved the popular poem "沁园春·Changsha" and expressed his lofty aspirations to save the world. In the poem, "Ask the earth, who is the Lord's ups and downs?" The change of the day wrote the process of Chinese history.

On the 31st of March, on Sunday, the temperature in Xiangtan Mountain fell sharply and the rain was continuous, just like the solemnity of the day's itinerary. After we arrived at Lushan, we first arrived at Mao Zedong Square. Everyone looked at the bronze statue of Mao Zedong with great reverence and made a deep glimpse of Chairman Mao to express our deepest thoughts and memories of Chairman Mao. Later, we visited the Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, the former residence of Mao Zedong, and the mysterious “Western Cave” drip hole. Chairman Mao’s loyalty and contribution to the country is unparalleled from Chairman Mao’s “Being a child’s ambition to go out of town, learning not to be honored”, leaving his hometown to go out to study, leading the people of the country to complete the great cause of the founding of the country, and then to the loss of love for the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. The touching story of his life revolution and lifelong cleanliness deeply touched the hearts of each of us.

This event is an important arrangement for the party education of the Junhou Party Branch. It aims to stimulate the patriotism of all party members and patriotism and love the party, strengthen the communist beliefs of party members and comrades, strengthen the party members' cohesiveness and cohesiveness, and promote the bureaucratic spirit. The vitality of the party building work of the Party branch has built an excellent grassroots party organization in the lawyer industry. I believe that through the comrades of party members, the spirit of dedication, truth-seeking and dedication, the solid work and standard practice will surely lead the firm's overall normative and healthy development, and will be built by the party building to help Junhou build a professional and reputation. Excellent, fast-growing, and outstanding law firm.